Adventure Time Theory

Ok, so me and my bud were rewatching Adventure Time, when we discovered something incredible, which was this.

What if Dr. Princess was Betty? We started to think through this theory, but how could she be if she is green and has brown hair. And we realized this too.

My bud thought about how the crown changed Simon into the ice-king, so what is the same happened to Betty? The amulet on her head is very unusual, which is what might have changed her into the green skin and the brown hair, and not remembering her fiancé, Simon, just like the Ice king can’t remember her, but only remembers that Betty was his princess, forfilling the need of princess-stealing.

Betty is also affected by the name he chose for his beloved, which was calling her his princess. So, she remembers she was a princess, that leading to choosing this surname.

Betty only had the memories that she was a doctor, just as the iceking had a fiancé, Betty, whom he wanted to marry, and so he’s searching for that ultimate princess, because he wants to marry Betty, but can’t remember it.

And the last clue is;

She must have gotten it in some way from him, and this links them together.

Thank’s for reading, and adventure time you’re breaking our hearts.

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